Domestic Violence laws in Phoenix


Domestic Violence laws in Phoenix, Arizona. Criminal Defense Attorney, Carissa Jakobe, breaks it down.

Violent Crimes Attorney

Phenix Domestic Violence DefenseDomestic violence offenses encompass a wide range of offenses ranging from assault, disorderly conduct, trespass, harassment, and damage to property just to name a few. Even just simple incidents that are charged as misdemeanors. Literally, almost any offense can have the domestic violence tag attached to it. The reason why the law decides that some Violent Crimes offenses are “domestic violence” is solely due to the relationship status between the parties. This is not limited to marital spouses or unmarried couples. It extended to all family members (brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, etc). Widening the sweep of this law, it even extends to roommates living in the same house.

Domestic violence (“DV”) offenses start off as simple offenses but just due to the sole nature of the relationship of the parties, a domestic violence conviction leads to a mandatory loss of one’s right to bear arms, i.e carry a gun. This is a federal mandate in which the states follow. It does not even have to be a violent offense between the two parties, so long as the offense has that domestic violence tag, or enhancement. Therefore, a conviction for a domestic violence offense triggers one’s loss of their gun rights and he or she is now a prohibited possessor. Possessing a gun while a prohibited possessor is a class 4 felony. Click Here To Read More


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