Who Is Ms. Jakobe?


Phoenix Criminal Defense AttorneyMs. Jakobe has groomed and perfected herself for the practice of criminal defense since the beginning of her education. She graduated from the prestigious Gonzaga University in 2001 with a B.A. in Criminal Justice and minor in Political Science. During Ms. Jakobe’s tenure at Gonzaga she was an intern for the Spokane Public Defender’s Office. After graduating, Ms. Jakobe went straight through to Gonzaga University School of Law and earned her Juris Doctor in 2004 while law clerking for Washington State’s top criminal defense firm, Stiley & Cikutovich. In 2005 Ms. Jakobe began working at the Maricopa County Public Defender’s Office and then transferred to the Office of the Legal Defender in late 2009. While at these offices, she handled everything from simple misdemeanors to murders, and was in court almost every single day. Ms. Jakobe even assisted in the training and education of other criminal defense attorneys in Arizona at various seminars and educational institutions.

After six years working with Maricopa County public defense, Ms. Jakobe opened up her own law office in 2011. Despite Ms. Jakobe starting out small, she had earned a very big reputation during indigent practice: smart, original, and aggressive. Word of Ms. Jakobe’s law office soon traveled fast throughout Maricopa County and she was hired by some of Arizona’s most high-profile and infamous clientele.

Violent Crimes Attorney

Ms. Jakobe’s practice focuses on sex crimes, drug trafficking, organized crime, and violent crimes. Ms. Jakobe has a successful track record of dismissals and favorable resolutions by proactively and aggressively working up cases in pretrial motion and litigation practice. She has dedicated herself to clients by providing quality over quantity representation, and every client can expect Ms. Jakobe to live up to her name.

Criminal Defense



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